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Individual therapy with me serves as your personalized guide through major life transitions. We'll uncover the unique challenges you face and develop a tailored plan to navigate them successfully. Together, we'll identify strategies that align with your values and needs, empowering you to embrace this new chapter of life with confidence and clarity. Alongside addressing any anxiety, trauma, trust issues, depression, or insecurities that may arise, we'll work towards holistic well-being. Schedule a free consultation and let's get started! 

Offering Insurance or Private Pay Options

Telehealth Only- Serving Residents of Utah & Nevada

Individual Therapy- 55 Minute Sessions

Ready to Invest in Yourself? 

When Life's Plot Twists Feel Like a Plot Hole, Therapy Helps You Find the Resolution

I'll help you navigate major life transitions and uncover what's holding you back. 

Together, we'll explore past trauma, unhealthy habits, and what I refer to as "spotlight issues" and "backstage issues" that may be holding you back.

I'll provide practical strategies to tackle challenges like anxiety, depression, trauma, insecurities, or trust issues.

Together, we'll empower you to embrace this new chapter with resilience and authenticity.

Here's what We will work on...

Wondering if Individual Therapy is Right for YOU?

Using my experience in navigating major life transitions, I bring practical coping strategies and self-care tips to the table. Having gone through my own ups and downs, I get how tough these transitions can be. But I've learned a lot along the way, and I'm excited to share what I've picked up with you. Let's tackle the challenges of major life transitions together, from anxiety and insecurity to trust issues and beyond. Join me for a journey toward stronger relationships and self-discovery.

  • I hold two master's degrees in counseling and education with extensive experience in guiding individuals through life's changes.
  •  As a licensed clinical social worker, I'm licensed in the states of Utah and Nevada.
  • Over the years, I've helped clients navigate major life transitions, empowering them to embrace change and find fulfillment.

Okay, okay, so you’re wondering who am I and what makes me qualified? 

Hey there, I'm Sage—a Diet Coke addict, an outdoor enthusiast, and your go-to advocate for navigating major life transitions. Here's a bit about my background and expertise:

I provide therapy exclusively in Nevada and Utah as I am licensed to practice only in these states. Licensing ensures that I adhere to the ethical and legal standards set by the respective state boards. Offering therapy outside of these licensed areas would be both unauthorized and unethical- I am looking to get licensed in more states this year, however, so stay tuned! 

Why do you only serve residents of Nevada & Utah?

Absolutely not! While a free consult isn't mandatory, it can be a great opportunity for us to connect, discuss your needs, and see if we're a good fit—without the commitment of a full intake appointment. However, if you prefer, you're welcome to skip the consult and book directly on my website. Your comfort and choice are my priorities throughout this process.

do I have to have a free consult first?  

If, after the free consult, you feel that we aren't the right fit or you're not interested, there's absolutely no obligation to proceed. Your comfort and confidence in the therapeutic relationship are paramount. If it doesn't feel like the right match, we can explore alternative options or referrals that better align with your needs and preferences.

what if after the consult I'm not interested? 

Here are the insurances I am paneled with currently: Aetna, All Savers Health Plans, GEHA, Health Plan of Nevada | Sierra Health and Life, Oscar Health, Surest, UMR, UnitedHealthcare, UnitedHealthcare/Golden Rule Insurance Co., UnitedHealthcare Shared Services, UnitedHealthcare Student Resources
My private pay rate is $150 per 55-minute session.

What insurance do you currently accept? What's Your private pay rate? 

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