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When I first began my journey in therapy, I wasn't quite sure where I fit. My career started with working on co-parenting strategies with young kids and their parents. It quickly became clear that this path wasn't the right fit for me, so I shifted to supporting teenagers dealing with addiction and trauma at an inpatient treatment center. While I found this work incredibly rewarding and gained extensive experience over the years in managing trauma, anxiety, addictions, attachment, and boundary issues, burnout was starting to take it's toll. 

Hey there, I'm Sage.

Launching my private practice in the midst of a global crisis proved to be a baptism by fire. Yet, it was during these challenging times that I truly connected with my work.
That’s when I decided to refine my focus and dedicate my practice to helping individuals navigate significant life transitions—those moments of profound change that define and reshape lives. This is where I've found my calling, guiding people through their transformations with empathy, understanding, and a dedication to seeing them thrive.

The progress my clients made fueled my excitement and passion for this work, and I knew I had found "my people".

When my husband landed his dream job in a new state, we decided to take a leap of faith and start fresh. We settled in a tiny Nevada town and tackled a fixer-upper renovation while I waited for my clinical license to transfer states. Once settled, I began offering telehealth services to adults, just as the pandemic started altering lives worldwide.
During this intense period, I supported clients through marriage difficulties, divorces, custody battles, and painful breakups. I also helped many cope with job relocations, overwhelming grief, and the surge in anxiety and postpartum depression that came with navigating life—and parenting—under such unique pressures.

I struggled with finding my place in the therapy world and searched for "my people" to serve.

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